Sunday, April 15, 2018

Volunteer Spotlight | The H.E.A.R.T. of Gail

Hand-raiser. Expert. Advocate. Resource. Teacher.

Gail was nominated by 10 people to be highlighted for having H.E.A.R.T. as part of our National Volunteer Month celebrations.

Gail Schell

"Gail is a outstanding role model to all young girls. She goes above and beyond to help everyone. Even on her worst days, when she does not feel well or has troubles of her own, she still pulls through for the girls."

"I’m nominating, Gail Schell for this award because she goes above and beyond for her community. She takes all the girls in her troop under her wing, as if they were her own family. She takes care of these girls outside of all the Girl Scout meetings. Any one of the girls could call her up for anything, and she’d drop what she’s doing in that very moment to go help them. As her granddaughter, I’ve seen this first hand. Although I’m no longer in her troops, I still think she’s the best nominee for this award."

"Gail is always going above and beyond to help out the girls and the community. She makes sure the girls have what they need when they can't afford it, and she organizes food drives and clothing drives for our community. Because we have a very poor community, any help counts and is very appreciated. She has taught the girls to do for others without expecting anything in return. She has been teaching them how to work well with others and teaches them simple home chores like cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc. And, some of the girls don't have anyone else in their lives to teach them. I have seen shy and quiet girls come out of their shells—just by being in her troop. I have watched sad girls become happy with themselves and gain confidence."
"My girls have been in Girl Scouts for the past two years with Gail. She is wonderful with my girls, and she goes out of her way to do things with them and for them. She is very good with all the girls in the troop. We couldn't ask for a better leader."

"She is my nieces leader, and she does a great job."

"Gail is mine and my sister's Girl Scout leader. She volunteers her time to be our troop leader, and we think she is the best." 
"I have known Gail for over 30 years. We both had Girl Scout troops in the 80's, and Gail is still doing Girl Scouts all these years later. She does a great job."
"Gail takes the time to pick up her Girls Scout from school and does community service, like have them help at fire hall dinners and decorate the window at the local library. She's really great with them."
"She is always going beyond her duties to do things for the girls."
"She cares about the girls, and she is good with them."

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