Friday, April 13, 2018

GSWPA volunteers have H.E.A.R.T. | Volunteer Feature with Lori Fitzgibbon

Hand-raiser. Expert. Advocate. Resource. Teacher.

As a GSWPA volunteer with H.E.A.R.T., Lori was nominated for going above and beyond on behalf of the girls to ensure that every Service Unit event is well planned and executed, as well as her qualities as a role model and mentor for other volunteers.

Lori Fitzgibbon
Ligonier | Troop 52764 & Service Unit 4612

How long have you been a volunteer with Girl Scouts?
15 years in PA and 3 years in North Carolina

What do you like best about your role with Girl Scouts?
There are so many things, but my absolute favorite is the girls. I love watching them grow and learn things they never would have tried without someone putting it in front of them. Girls in our small community are limited to the experiences they get to have. Girl Scouting offers and provides opportunities for girls of all ages and backgrounds to have these opportunities and experiences.

Describe a moment you've had in Girl Scouts you'll never forget.
One year at Service Unit camp our adventures were based on exploring and reading a map, something this group of girls didn't know how to do. I laid out the course and had two Brownies come to me with worried and sad faces. When I looked at them and asked what was wrong, they said they didn't understand how to read a map and were lost.

When I showed them how to use landmarks and assured them they wouldn't get lost, they went on their way, slowly, but they went. I notified two older girls and asked them to keep an eye on them

At lunchtime, those same girls came up to me and said, "We did it Ms. Lori. We figured it out!"

And, after lunch those same girls had to overcome more obstacles in the events, but they did it. I was so proud of them. The older girls who watched over them told me at lunch they only took one wrong turn and had to ask for help. They learned that it's okay to ask for help, and trying something new can lead to great adventure.

What do you most want your Girl Scouts to learn from you or remember about you and their Girl Scout experience?
I want my girls of all age groups to know that when they see a Girl Scout—no matter her age—she is a friend and someone to trust and count on. I tell my leaders as they come into my Service Unit that they are the number one person that little girl will learn from. They need to make sure when they are at a meeting their behavior and attitude is based solely on their troop, and any other adults working with them must follow the same. In this way they know we are putting them first. They may get put aside at home with busy parents and family life, to no fault of their own. When they are with us, they are our #1. My leaders stay on a long time and are the greatest leaders around. I couldn't do what I do without them.

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