Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Congratulations to the winner of the GSWPA Holiday Card Art Contest

Once again, we invited Girl Scouts across western Pennsylvania to enter the GSWPA Holiday Card Art Contest to help our council create our 2019 holiday card. Girls were asked to create a piece of art in the theme of "Girl Scout Winter Adventurer" using any medium.

Congratulations to our finalists whose entries will be used in our digital card and are also available as printable holiday cards for girls and volunteers. The artwork from our winner, Bhawana B. of Allegheny County, will be the artwork on our printed holiday card which is mailed to community partners and supporters throughout our council.

This year's winning artwork was submitted by Bhawana B. of Allegheny County
“When I think of winter, I think of girls and boys playing outside as the white snowflakes fall as if they were dancing. Winter adventures mean spending time outside playing and having fun. Throwing snowballs, making snowmen, sledding, ice skating, and so much more. I wanted to create that vision of kids playing as a blanket of snow covers the ground as the sun goes down.”
-Bhawana B., GSWPA Cadette Girl Scout

Use Girl Scout artwork for your holiday card!

GSWPA received so many amazing submissions as part of this art contest, so we decided to make each finalist into a printable holiday card. The artwork, instructions, and even sample messages to help you get started can all be found at

Friday, November 22, 2019

Make new friends. Grow your troop. Earn rewards!

From an appreciation of nature to the development of lifelong leadership skills to friends that last a lifetime, we know the benefits of Girl Scouting will positively impact how a girl performs in school, in clubs and sports, and in her career someday.

Share those amazing benefits with more girls and get ready to have more fun adventures in 2020! From Dec. 1-Jan. 6, troops* will be rewarded when new friends join and troops grow.

 Here's how it works:
  • Add two new girls to your troop and receive $25 in your troop account.** 
  • Add three new girls to your troop and receive $35 in your troop account.** 
  • Add four new girls to your troop and receive $45 in your troop account.** 
  • Add five new girls to your troop and receive $55 in your troop account.** 
*Troops must meet volunteer-to-girl ratio for the program level and number of girls in their troop, which includes at least 2 active troop leaders, by Jan. 6, 2020.
**Prizes will be distributed to troop accounts by Feb. 28, 2020 for troops with a current Bank Account Information and ACH Authorization Form on file with GSWPA. Any troops that do not have this form on file will have a delay in the reward payout.

Need to display your troop or to open more spots in your troop? Fill out the Troop Profile Update form. Make sure to update your troop meeting information, too.

If you have questions, email or call 800-248-3355.

Pass on the wonders of Girl Scouting to a girl, and we'll pass a prize on to you!