Sunday, April 8, 2018

Shout Out for Volunteers with H.E.A.R.T.

Hand-raiser. Expert. Advocate. Resource. Teacher.

The following GSWPA volunteers were nominated to be highlighted for having H.E.A.R.T. as part of our National Volunteer Month celebrations.

Becky Robert
Bethel Park

"Becky has been extra helpful with the Service Unit cookie cupboard. She helps troops get extra cookies,  keeps the flow going between troops if there are extras or needed cookies, and she even reaches out to neighboring Service Units to help them. It works out very well for all,  and troops really like the fact they do not have to go far for cookies."

Dorothy DeCarli
"Dorothy has planned some amazing events for girls in her Service Unit. She is always willing to pitch in."

Laurie Bungard
"Laurie always goes above and beyond in Service Unit needs. She involves her scouts in all activities that will enhance their leadership and knowledge as young women and young Girl Scouts. Laurie also helps many in her community with othervolunteer efforts."

Lisa Hohman
"Lisa took on the very large role of becoming our Service Unit Finance Manager. She had to convert over 20 bank accounts and will receive all of the Finance Reports." Thank you for stepping up, Lisa!"

Ask your Girl Scout to share what their volunteer means to them by sending us one of these: 
• A photo of the two of them together 
• A photo of a short, hand-written note of thanks 
• A short thank you video 

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