Friday, April 7, 2017

National Volunteer Month: We appreciate our volunteers!

Cindy Yard and Cathy Clever have been volunteering together for the past seven years, leading a group of girls that include their daughters, Chloe and Riley, who are now Cadette Girl Scouts. When asked what they like best about their role in Girl Scouts, the pair agreed that helping girls become confident and caring has been rewarding.

"The best part of being a leader, is watching the girls grow," Cathy said. "It is an awesome responsibility to help shape these girls. They have grown into strong, confident, caring young ladies. We have made many lasting memories along the way."

Cathy Clever with the girls
when they were Brownies.
Some of those lasting memories include camping with the girls. One moment that Cindy will never forget is a camping trip that got the moms in on the fun.

"We had the opportunity to camp at Singing Hills a couple of summers ago and we decided to do the low ropes challenge course. The girls went off with one facilitator and all the moms worked together in a separate group. I will never forget the fun we had completing the challenges together, especially standing on a log side-by-side, try to swap places with one another without falling off. We have been very lucky to have moms who love to be involved in our troop activities!"

Cathy wants the girls to remember to always be "kind, to be their own person, to realize they are capable of everything and anything they put their minds to."

Cindy Yard pins her daughter Chloe
when she bridged to Daisy. She's
now a Cadette Girl Scout.
"I hope they see their own personal strength to make a difference, and know they have made lifelong friends they can count on to get them through anything," she added.

Cindy hopes her troop learns that they are amazing young women.

"I want every girl to remember that they are each an important individual and that their thoughts, ideas, and contributions to the world matter," Cindy said.

"I have tried to help them be confident and have the courage to step outside their comfort zone to try new things. I hope they know that I will always be there for each of them if they ever need an adult to support them."

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