Friday, April 21, 2017

National Volunteer Month: Kriss and Monique

Many volunteers grow up as a Girl Scouts themselves, like Kriss Svidro from Washington, Pa, She has spent eight years as a Girl Scout and has been an adult volunteer since 1989. Over the 28 years she has been a volunteer, her favorite thing about her role in Girl Scouts is watching the girls work hard to achieve their Gold Awards. Kriss also loves "working with the amazing adult awards committee to promote and encourage others to recognize those outstanding volunteers they come across every day."

One of Kriss's favorite memories is when the girls took action to plan a troop event. "One of my Senior Girl Scouts called to tell me the troop had planned the end of the year celebration without help from the troop leaders," she recalled. "She told me where and when to show up, what awards needed to be ordered, what we were eating, how the Court of Awards was planned, who and how much to make the check out to for the food and gifts. It was a proud moment to see how far they had come since Brownies."

Kriss hopes that her girls always remember how much they can achieve by putting one foot in front of the other and following through. She hopes they learn something new every day and realize that life is fun and needs to be enjoyed.

"I was just told by a leader today, she loves that she always learns something new every time we talk. That simple comment made my week. I try hard to help girls, less experienced leaders and volunteers learn about the customs, history, and traditions of the organization that Daisy founded. It's so wonderful to see girls grow into women in this marvelous organization." Thanks Kristin for all of your hard work!

Monique Powell from Wilkins Township has been with GSWPA for nine years and Girl Scouts for eleven. She was also a Girl Scout overseas!

Monique loves helping her girls realize their full potential and overcome obstacles they may come across. She relies on the wonderful support she receives from her troop, other leaders, and great parents to help the girls accomplish a lot. "Right now, all of our girls have the medals for their grade level or are candidates for their medals." This is a huge accomplishment since most of her troop are also involved in other extracurricular activities and high academic achievers!

A moment Monique will never forget is the teamwork her troop used during a work weekend at camp. The girls were the oldest there so they volunteered to build and set up the tents.  "It was amazing to see them work together to raise those poles and set up those tents," she said.

Monique hopes her girls remember to extend a helping hand, even if someone may not need it. She said, "They will remember the support or kind work heard from us and pass it on to others."