Friday, April 21, 2017

National Volunteer Month: Chrissy and Tanya

In her eight years as a Girl Scouts volunteer, Chrissy Schaeffer from Greensburg has loved watching her girls grow as leaders themselves and helping them achieve their goals.

Chrissy also enjoys working with other fellow leaders. "Over the last eight years, I have developed so many lasting and strong friendships," she said. "When I started volunteering with GSWPA, I was relatively new to the area. My fellow leaders welcomed my family and I into their lives and families."

One moment Chrissy will never forget in Girl Scouts is when her service unit traveled to Savannah to see the Juliette Gordon Low house. "It was truly inspiring to walk through the house Juliette Gordon Low grew up in and walk on the same sidewalks that Juliette walked every day," Chrissy said. "I truly admire Juliette's determination and passion for Girl Scouts. I strive to be just like her."

Chrissy hopes her girls will remember and cherish the opportunities they have had in Girl Scouts. She works with other leaders and parents to help provide opportunities for the girls that they might not have had otherwise. "I want my girls to appreciate the time and dedication of all Girl Scout volunteers."

Tanya Gabel from Meadville has been with Girl Scouts for the past three years. She loves being a positive influence in the girls' lives and watching them grow and learn together.

A special moment she will never forget was during a field trip to the Carnegie Science Center. During this trip, they were able to tour a World War II submarine.

Going from section to section was not easy since I am disabled. I remember quite well how my Daisies were holding my purse and trying to help me over the dividers," she recalled. "We all had a great laugh about it and that trip was one that we will never forget!"

Tanya wants her girls to remember to push themselves and strive to be greater. "I want them to remember that it's not what you make or achieve, it's how you make it or get to your achievement. I want them to have fun and learn together, even if it means not getting first place."