Tuesday, April 18, 2017

National Volunteer Month: Two decades of awesome

Dottie Neal, from Indiana, has been a volunteer for 22 years since becoming a Brownie Leader in 1995. She is currently a leader of Junior Girl Scouts in troop 40804, as well as the Service Unit Manager, an Outdoor Trainer, and many other volunteer positions.

When asked what she likes best about her role with Girl Scouts, Dottie said, "I love watching the girls grow in their self-confidence the most. It is a great joy to meet a girl as a Daisy and watch her progress through her Girl Scout experience." She loves watching the girls serve their community and learn new skills they can take with them into the future, such as camping or business skills.

Dottie's daughter, Jessica, grew up in Girl Scouts as well. While mother and daughter share many amazing Girl Scout memories, Dottie especially cherishes watching her work on and finish her Gold Award project.

"Girls are so busy in high school, so to take time to finish up a Gold Award project is a big goal. Jessica finished her project during the summer after she graduated," Dottie recalled. "I watched her learn new skills about planning events and working with adults outside of her regular circle. She learned so many skills that summer, which had a big impact on her confidence level when she went off to college that fall."

Dottie has worked with many different volunteers and troops over the years, and she loves reminiscing on all of her memories in Girl Scouts. She hopes that all of the girls she has worked with can look back on their time as Girl Scouts, whether at camp or at meetings, and be grateful and laugh at all of the great memories they shared.

"They mostly remember our camping trips and end of the year trips, which I am so glad we took the time to do both of those things," Dottie said. "It's fun to look back and laugh together. I want girls to remember the friendships they made."

Volunteer Dottie Neal has loved being involved in the Girl Scouts movement for over 20 years! She has worked with so many different troops, girls, and volunteers. She hopes that she can inspire others to volunteer for the Girl Scouts! Thank you Dottie!

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