Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our amazing volunteers: Travel adventures with girls

Sharon and travel troop 52619 in Switzerland and Italy.
Sharon Enslen, from Prospect, has been with Girl Scouts for 30 years, an experience that she found very rewarding.

"I get to see the look on the girls faces
when they realize that they planned and completed their Gold Award project, when they learn new skills, or visit a new place and discover a new culture," she said.

She especially loves when girls realize they are amazing and can do anything.

Sharon has had many amazing moments that she will never forget in Girl Scouts, but some of her most cherished memories are from traveling with girls. "We spent a week together in Ocean City, Maryland," she recalled. "What an amazing time I got to share with the 17 girls who I watched grow up through Girl Scouts." 

Sharon served as the travel adviser for travel troop 52619, helping girls prepare for a trip to Switzerland and Italy. "It was amazing to see these young women learn about other cultures, take in the history, and gain self confidence as they traveled," she said.

Lori McMann, from Pittsburgh, has been involved in Girl Scouts for nine years. She loves just spending time with the girls and "providing fun adventures and guiding them to be all that they desire to be." 

Lori sees confidence-building as an important part of her role leading girls. "They have endless strength, amazing talents, and the ability to lead in whatever they do in life," she said.

One of Lori's favorite moments in Girl Scouts also involves traveling with her troop. For the 100th Anniversary celebration of Girl Scouts, she was able to take her troop to Washington, D.C. 

"It was an amazing experience and opportunity for both the girls and us leaders to get to see the thousands of Girl Scouts, not only nationwide, but also troops from other countries, sharing common interests and goals," she said. "The impact that Girl Scouts has made on millions of girls, from many walks of life, over the years was a real blessing to experience."

Lori hopes her Girl Scouts remember all of the amazing memories and relationships they have formed with each other and their leaders. 

"The girls in our troop have built this wonderful sisterhood with each other and I hope that they will be there to support each other as they move forward in life," she said.