Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Our amazing volunteers: A quarter-century of leading girls

Many volunteers in Girl Scouts love it so much that they come back year after year.

Darlene Kinnear, from Waterford, has been with Girl Scouts for 25 years as a volunteer. She loves to see the girls mature and "grow up to be leaders." 
When asked to describe something in Girl Scouts she will never forget, she said, "I will never forget the time and friends I have made through Girl Scouts. Girl Scout camp is a great place to have fun and make new friends!" 

Linda Smith
Darlene hopes that her girls can grow up to one day become leaders of their own troops and to share their experiences in Girl Scouts with younger girls as well.

Linda Smith from Allison Park has been with Girl Scouts for 22 years. Linda tries her best to coordinate the Deer Lakes Girl Scout community in order to make it easier for troop leaders and girls. "Whatever I can do to help troop leaders benefits the girls in their troops," she said. "I love interacting with the girls at community events."

Linda has enjoyed many wonderful moments she will never forget as a troop leader. "As an adult volunteer, I love being with the girls at the Deer Lakes Daisy Tea event while the parents are meeting with our recruiter," Linda said. "At our Brownie Bash recruitment event, I love planning the program for the girls and helping them at the different stations. I love being with the girls and love when they remember me and come up and give me a hug. That's so special."

As the Deer Lakes Girl Scout service unit manager, Linda expresses how beneficial it is to have amazing volunteers in the organization. She wants to thank all of the leaders, girls, and parents for being involved in Girl Scouts in their community.