Monday, May 1, 2017

Honoring Awesome: Volunteers receive awards

Oscar who? If you think the big awards season is over, think again! Awards aplenty are being presented and pinned all across western Pennsylvania as we honor our amazing Girl Scout volunteers. 

Thanks to these dedicated champions, girls have access to the life-changing, long-lasting benefits of the Girl Scout experience. 

Several of these go-getters were honored with awards during the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 8.

Appreciation Pin   
This award recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience primarily within one geographic service area.
Congratulations to:
Brenda McAllister recieves her pin
from Deb Gerhard

Brenda McAllister, SU2644-Seneca          
Nominated by Patricia Boyer                      
Brenda is the service unit manager, treasurer, and MagNut manager.  She makes sure that all volunteer roles are filled by capable people, and ensures that Girl Scouts has the support it needs in order to provide girls with quality leadership experiences.  She helps wherever she is needed, recruits, and leads by example. Brenda was presented her award at the Greensburg location of the Annual Meeting.

Honor Pin
This award recognizes an individual’s exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, which has had measurable impact on two or more geographic areas of service, allowing the council to reach and surpass its mission-delivery goals. 
Terri was recognized at the
Annual Meeting in Indiana.

Congratulations to:

Terri Bone, SU5703-Mt. Lebanon        
Nominated by Malinda Young                    
Terri engages with Girl Scouting on a council level through her work on the Gold Award committee and board development.  She’s also served on the board of directors and is now a troop leader.  This year she was actively involved in the 100th anniversary of the Gold Award.  In addition, she serves as an example to girls through her friendship, her willingness to share her experiences, and her enthusiasm for the Girl Scout experience. 

Amy Fugate, SU3617-Millcreek East        
Nominated by Courtney Soder                  
Amy has been working with staff to develop an improved onboarding system for the entire council.  She also offered feedback on new leader training.  She works to recruit more girls and adults, and wants to make sure that everyone has a positive experience.  She is the service unit manager, the product sales manager, the finance manager, and a delegate. Amy received her award at the Edinboro location of the Annual Meeting.

Debra Ridgway, SU1603-Scrimshaw
Nominated by Pamela Siergiej                                   
Deb is a long-term volunteer, serving as a troop leader, mentor, event coordinator, and now as a service unit manager.  She supports the Girl Scout Leadership Experience by hosting a Cadette Journey weekend, which is attended by girls from multiple service units.  She has a true commitment to the older girl experience, and serves girls throughout the council at local and council-wide events. Pam received the award during the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 8 at the Butler location.

Thanks Badge I
This award honors an individual whose ongoing commitment, leadership, and service have had an exceptional, measurable impact on meeting the mission-delivery goals and priorities of the entire council or the entire Girl Scout Movement.

Congratualtions to Joyce McInnes!
Nominated by Kriss Svidro                           
Joyce McInnis is a longtime Girl Scout.  She is a troop leader, service unit team member, and a Gold Award committee member. She goes above and beyond, traveling large distances to support the Gold Award in trainings and meetings, and goes to the library every day to check emails and communicate with her mentees. She mentors 8-12 girls at a time with ease and skill. She also helps her own service unit to ensure that the girls who are living in low income situations have the best possible Girl Scout experiences.          

President’s Award          
The President’s Award recognizes the efforts of a service-delivery team or committee whose exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience surpassed team goals and resulted in significant, measurable impact toward reaching the council’s overall goals.

Congratulations to these terrific teams:

The Gold Award Committee was recognized at the Annual
Meeting in Indiana.
Gold Award Committee
The group created a new video presentation for the Court of Awards which was a great success.  The committee also provided guidance for and participated in the event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Gold Award.  By helping girls to earn the Gold Award, they are providing the ultimate girl leadership experience.
Greater Erie Area Day Camp Volunteer Team        
This marks the fourth year of a robust service unit day camp experience.  This team worked tirelessly to continue the tradition of day camp in the Erie area.  They maximize the girl experience while keeping costs affordable for families.  They recruit new adult volunteers, and the camp continues to grow in girl and adult participation.             
Indiana County Program Team

Indiana Program Team.
This combined service unit team surpassed their goals—striving to see a more involved community presence.  The team is tireless in going out to represent Girl Scouts at community events.  They have increased planning sessions to provide great low-cost programming in the county.  Events are well attended, and well planned.  They offer girls a voice in their planning.

Celebrate the outstanding work of Girl Scout volunteers!
Consider nominating the outstanding volunteers in your area for a Girl Scouts award. Learn more about adult awards on our website.