Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our amazing volunteers: Jennifer and Amanda

Jennifer Asel, from Kane, has been involved in Girl Scouts for 25 years and loves working with all of the other amazing troop leaders and young girls. Her favorite part about her role with Girl Scouts is just being a positive influence to the girls and watching them learn new skills and gain confidence in themselves.

Jennifer Asel and the other troop leaders from Kane, Pa
Jennifer enjoys watching girls celebrate their accomplishments, like when her troop did the Survivor Scavenger Hunt.

"One of the girls had the biggest smile, and was giving high fives to everyone after they finished the scavenger hunt," she said.

Jennifer is very proud of the girls for their kindness, too. She admired how they handled themselves when a a member of the troop was moving out of the school district. "The other girls in her troop let her know that they would always be Girl Scout sisters," she said.

She hopes that her girls always remember "not to be deterred if they can't finish something, but to try again in new ways and to problem solve."

Amanda Carter, from Edinboro, has been with Girl Scouts for only two years, but she loves every second she spends with the girls. "I enjoy watching the girls' faces when they are completely enthralled in a topic and how they become so eager to help our community," she said.

One moment that Amanda will never forget was when her troop collected items to make care packages to be sent to the military. "Members of the Edinboro University ROTC program came to help us put the packages together and talk with the girls about the military life," she said. "We met for 90 minutes or so, but everyone had such a great time, no one wanted to leave!"

Amanda and her troop have been focusing on women throughout history that made a difference, either by their actions or an invention. She hopes her girls are inspired by these women and remember the great things they have done. 

"I want them to always carry with them that they have a powerful force inside of them to do great things," she said. "They will always have me in their corner to encourage them."