Friday, October 6, 2017

MagNut News for Troops!

We hope your 2017 MagNut season is off to a great start!
Read on for answers to your questions, important dates and more!

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania (GSWPA) is participating in the 2017 MagNut system pilot program-giving families and volunteers one site to manage the entire Fall Product Program!

There is no more Nut-E! Nut-E and the QSP online store have been combined into one website called UNIFY. This unified ordering system is where all the MagNut program orders are entered and recorded.

Volunteers, parents/girls can login using same email and password from Fall 2016 from the Online QSP site.

Important Dates and To-Dos 

Now: Log on to UNIFY to get familiar with the system. Don't wait 'til the last minute! 
Oct. 23: Deadline for troops to enter nut and candy order in UNIFY. 
Nov 3: Submit paper magazine orders and Reach Out booklets to Service Unit MagNut Manager.
Nov. 17: Last day for customers to submit online orders.
Week of Nov. 13: Nuts and candies delivered.

First Steps

Review the Troop MagNut Manager Training Series on the MagNut Program and UNIFY.
Remember, you can also refer to your MagNut Troop Guide or contact your Service Unit MagNut Manager. You can find additional resources on

Login to UNIFY now or go to and click on the cat.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why am I unable to add girls to UNIFY?
Troops are currently locked from entering girls, GSWPA is uploading registered girls on a continuing basis. At a date to be determined after mid- October, we will allow troops access to add girls that are in the paper registration process. Stay tuned to this newsletter for that date!

A girl is not appearing in my troop in UNIFY?
Verify that she is registered for 2018.
If she just registered it will take a few days for us to upload her.
If the girl has been registered for longer than a few days, contact Customer Care 800-248-3355, noting what girl(s) to be added along with the troop number.

What if a girl has transferred to another troop (or into my troop)? How do I get her transferred?
Verify that she has a 2018 membership registration. Please complete the Member Information Update Form to update her troop.

What happens if a girl is showing in UNIFY but has no GS ID number?
It's OK! Girls are linked to their online sales site by troop number and name.

What do I do if a girl appears twice in UNIFY but with different Online IDs?
Click the pencil icon to view the email address associated with the girl then verify with the parent which is the correct email address and contact Customer Care. Verify that there are no online orders associated with the email address to be deleted.

How do I indicate in UNIFY that my troop will Opt -out of recognitions?
There is a check box on the Manage Order page. If your troop is listed as Multi-level or Other this option is not available. If your Multi-level/Other troop is Junior level and above and would like to opt out please contact Customer Care to request Product Sales assistance.

When does my ACH form need to be completed?
If you are a new troop or have changed banks or signers a new ACH/Banking Information Form needs to be submitted by November 23. 

Where can I find MagNut forms? (Proceeds opt-out, Magazine Summary, ACH, etc.)
Visit our MagNut resources online and you'll see them listed under Forms and Resources.   
Nut Promises

Nut Promises are a great option for girls to engage customers for in-person nut and candy orders, but through email. In a nutshell, a Nut Promise is an online order that’s girl delivered. When sending emails to potential customers from their online account, girls can select which emails will include the Nut Promise option by checking the peanut icon. 

So, if Aunt Juliette lives in Alaska and the girl won’t see her soon, she wouldn’t check the peanut icon because Alaska’s pretty far to deliver.

  • Nut Promises placed by customers online are automatically ordered and should NOT be written on the girl’s order card.
  • These orders are visible on the Girl Dashboard in the box titled Online Orders – Girl Delivered.
  • These Nut Promise orders will be delivered with the troop’s order. Girls are responsible for delivering the promised order to the customer and collecting the money/payment.
Remember! The last day for customers to place an online Nut Promise order is Monday, Oct. 23 (lockout 11:59 p.m.).

Don't forget Operation: Sweet Appreciation!

This is a simple way for customers to say thank you to our military men and women by sending them Honey Roasted Peanuts for $6 per can. Donations can be made on the nut and candy order card or online

Questions? Contact your Service Unit MagNut Manager for help.