Friday, October 27, 2017

Important MagNut News for Troops

Thank you for your patience while QSP was resolving the UNIFY technical issues!

Important notes for this week:

  • UNIFY is now locked for troops and service units to enter nut and candy orders, and the orders have been submitted. 
  • The Nut Promise option is also closed.
  • Current issues with UNIFY:We have been made aware of a few issues within UNIFY that the programmers are working to resolve.
    • Troops currently cannot add additional in-person magazine orders or Reach Out booklets to their girls.
    • Troops that have selected WITHOUT REWARDS will still see With Rewards displayed on the dashboard. This is only a display issue, the selection is correct behind-the-scenes. 
  • Recognitions selections can be made until Nov 21.
  • The last day for customers to order online is Nov. 17. (Girls' online orders may take over 24 hours to post to UNIFY).
  • New troops can still participate in online sales by having girls set up their online registration sites at and clicking on the Cat button.

Important Dates

By Nov 3 - Deliver paper magazine subscription forms and Reach Out Booklets to service unit MagNut managers with completed Troop Magazine Summary Form.
Week of Nov 13 - Delivery of nuts and candy for in-person orders (includes Nut Promises).
Tues Nov 21- Deadline to enter late magazine orders and recognitions. Lock-out occurs at 11:59 p.m.

In-person magazine orders and Reach Out booklets

Troop MagNut managers should deliver their troop's paper magazine subscriptions (white and yellow copies) with the Troop Magazine Summary Form and Reach Out booklets to your service unit MagNut manager by Nov. 3.

Please note:

  • Verify that all information on the order form is complete and legible using blue or black ink.
    • Other magazine discount offers are not accepted.
    • Combo magazines count as one subscription in UNIFY.
  • Customers keep the pink copy of the paper magazine. Do not send these to council.
  • All payments for magazines should have been collected with the magazine orders. Do not accept any orders without payment. Deposit magazine payments into your troop bank account promptly.
  • Hint: Take a digital photo or copy of all the paper magazine orders! Save these copies for any further information that your customers may ask. 
  • Paper subscriptions will begin 12-14 weeks from the time they are received by the publishers.
  • Late paper magazine orders may be entered in UNIFY before Tuesday, Nov. 21 for troops to receive credit.
  • Only one Reach Out booklet per girl. Names should not be duplicated.
    • Check the Reach Out box for each eligible girl in UNIFY

Customers can order online through Nov. 17


There's still plenty of time for girls to collect online orders from friends and family! Even girls and troops that are just starting can participate.

Encourage parents to register their Girl Scout's online ordering site and send emails to friends and family asking them to purchase nuts, candy, magazines, photo keepsakes, candles, tumblers, and Organic Veggies. They can access the site by visiting and clicking on the Cat.

Emphasize that selling online is EASY! Spread the word!

Troop Bank Information

Troop banking information has been uploaded into UNIFY. If no bank account name appears under Financials from the menu, you will need to submit an ACH Authorization Form. If you are a new troop or have made changes to your bank information, a new ACH Authorization Form is to be completed and submitted as directed by Nov. 22.

MyCreation Patch

Girls and leaders are loving the "MyCreation" activity on QSP where they can customize their own cat mascot. Even troop leaders can create their own unique cat!

  • Girls with $200 or more in online sales will receive their creation as a patch! Visit the QSP site to create yours.
  • Troop MagNut managers can also earn the patch with $750 in troop online sales. 

Once the level has been achieved, the girl will receive an email to finalize her patch and provide an address for shipping.

Thanks for everything you do to support Girl Scouts and the MagNut Program!
Questions? Please contact your Service Unit MagNut Manager or Customer Care.