Friday, October 20, 2017

Important Troop MagNut News

Important Dates and To-Dos

Monday Oct. 23 at 11:59 p.m. is the deadline for troops to enter girls in-person nut and candy orders.

Nut Promise ordering will close Oct 23.

Online sales continue through Nov. 17. There is still time for new or late-starting troops or girls to participate!

NOW: Log on to UNIFY to get familiar with the system. Don't wait until the last minute!
Oct. 23: Last day for customers to place a Nut Promise order.
Oct. 23: Deadline for troops to enter nut and candy orders in UNIFY.
Nov. 3: Submit paper magazine orders and Reach Out booklets to Service Unit MagNut Manager.
Nov. 17: Last day for customers to submit online orders.
Week of Nov. 13: Nuts and candies delivered.

Log-in now to UNIFY, the new MagNut
management system. There is no Nut-E. 
Please do not wait until the last day!

Here’s how:

Review the Troop MagNut training series on the MagNut Program and UNIFY.
  • Refer to your MagNut Troop Guide or contact your Service Unit MagNut Manager for additional help .
  • Login to UNIFY by visiting this link and clicking the Cat Button.
  • Volunteers, parents, and girls can login using same email and password from Fall 2016 from the Online QSP site.

Other tasks (see below for details)
  • Troops can now add girls to UNIFY
  • Opting out of recognitions is open only to Junior level and above.
  • Recognition selection – you can pre-select girls' recognitions. She may have additional online sales prior to recognition lock out on Nov. 21.
  • If you accidentally submit your order before you are ready, please contact your Service Unit MagNut Manager. They can un-submit your troop until Wednesday, Oct. 25.
    • If you forget to submit, don’t worry! GSWPA will take care of that!

To add a girl to UNIFY:
  • Verify her 2018 membership is in process.
  • Click Manage Orders on the menu.
  • Click Add Girl.
  • Enter all required fields. Enter the parent's email. Do not use your email.
  • Click Save.

If a girl has transferred to another troop (or into your troop):

Opt-Out of Recognitions option
Daisy and Brownie Troops, as well as multi-level troops with Daisy and Brownie members, are not eligible for the additional proceeds/opt-out option. No check box will be available.
If your multi-level/other troop is Junior level and above and would like to opt-out, please contact Customer Care at 800-248-3355.

Eligible troops:
  • Check the Without Rewards on the Manage Order page
  • Complete the Opt-out Agreement

Paper Magazines
  • For each girl, enter the quantity and dollar amount of in-person magazines.
  • Review each subscription for accuracy and completeness.
  • Complete the Troop Magazine Summary form 
  • Submit white and yellow copies to the Service Unit MagNut Manager by Nov 3.

Submitting the Troops Nut and Candy Order
  • Enter all girls in-person nuts and candy, as well as quantity and total dollars for the in-person magazines and more, into UNIFY.
  • NUT Promises – These will automatically populate to the girl's in-person order. 
    • Suggestion: Verify that the girl did not include those orders on the order card by checking the customers names and order that will appear in the Girl Delivered compartment in the bottom center of the girl’s order page in UNIFY and/or verifying with the parent.
Girl Recognitions 
  • Troop MagNut Managers can enter girl recognitions in UNIFY now! We recommend entering them as soon as possible to save time later. 
  • Just pre-select each girl's recognition choices based on their Parent Permission Forms. As orders are entered, the recognitions will automatically be ordered.
Online Sales 
Online ordering continues until Nov. 17 so there's still plenty of time for girls to collect online orders from friends and family! Remember, the girls' online sales automatically populate in UNIFY, although it may take 24 hours. 

Encourage parents to register their Girl Scout to participate in Online Sales and send emails to friends and family asking them to purchase nuts, candy, magazines, photo keepsakes, candles, tumblers, and more. They can access the site by visiting and click on the cat button. 

What if a girl has ONLINE SALES that are not showing on UNIFY ? 
Orders can take 24 hours to post. If it has been longer, please contact Customer Care 800-248-3355 and provide the girls name and current troop number. Don't worry - these orders are not affected by the Oct 23 troop lockout.

My Creation 
Remind girls to register online to create their own My Creation Cat. If they have $200 in Online Sales by Nov. 17 their Cat design will become their own custom MY Creation Cat Patch. 

Troop MagNut Managers  you too can design your own MY Creation Cat, and if the troop has $700 in online sales, you also will earn your MY Creation Patch.

Questions? Contact your Service Unit MagNut Manager for help.