Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thank you for a wonderful 2018 Cookie Program!

The power of the Girl Scout cookie provides endless opportunities for girls, and our council couldn't be more grateful for the efforts and contributions of everyone during the 2018 Cookie Program.

As a direct result of the hard work of our awesome girls, the coordination of our volunteers, the commitment of parents, and the dedication of staff, it was truly an Altogether Awesome success!

Whether you loaded and hauled cases of cookies, braved the cold at cookie booths, helped your Girl Scout take orders and make deliveries, or provided support in many other possible ways, THANK YOU!

At the end of its fourth year, we're seeing great results on the Digital Cookie platform:
  • About 4,000 girls participated in Digital Cookie. 
  • More than 45,000 boxes were sold through the new Girl Delivery option. Wow!
  • Customers had more than 31,000 boxes shipped directly to them.

Donations to Operation: Sweet Appreciation (OSA) Continue

Donations to Operation: Sweet Appreciation are up nearly 3,000 boxes from last year. Currently, over 48,000 boxes (11,000 from Digital Cookie) have been donated to OSA, our Gift of Caring to U.S. active duty and veteran service organizations.

This initiative continues through Memorial Day, May 28. Even though cookie season is over, donations for Operation: Sweet Appreciation will be accepted online at Donations can be credited to a specific girl or troop, so encourage family and friends to donate by sharing the video below!

While OSA sales won't count toward recognitions, it's a great way to help your Girl Scouts meet their goals while giving back to our U.S. military active duty and veteran service member organizations.