Saturday, March 10, 2018

Camp S'more Flashlight Feature: The Arts and The Crafts

We all love a good arts and crafts project, but these GSWPA camps take a deeper dive into the broader world of the arts. Whether your creativity takes you to fashion art, culinary art, DIY décor, drawing, or theater and performance, there's a camp session that will help you express your artistry!

We’re shining our Flashlight Feature on the sessions below.

Theater Goers - Conshatawba
From creating scenery and applying stage makeup to acting the part, theater is full of chances for artistic exploration. How will you shine in the spotlight?
Girls Grades: 4-8
Dates: June 24-29 Sun.-Fri. (5 nights)
Cost: $350 per person

Doodlebugs - Hawthorne Ridge
Experiment with almost every medium - paint, clay, wood, plastic, and paper. Find your inner artist as you create, invent, mold, make, recycle or sculpt.
Girls Grades: 2-5
Dates: July 29-August 3 Sun.-Fri. (5 nights)
Cost: $350 per person

DIY Experts - Conshatawba
Do it yourself, Girl Scout! Try your hand at all kinds of fun decor projects like crayon melting on canvas and life hacks that will keep you organized and fashionable.
Girls Grades: 9-12
Dates: July 15-20 Sun.-Fri. (5 nights)
Cost: $350 per person

 2018 Camp S’more magazine is a great place to read more about each camp session, as well as look over the many other opportunities for your Girl Scout to find her artistic passion. Check it out!