Saturday, February 17, 2018

Camp S’more Flashlight Feature: First-Time Camper

As they say, every journey begins with the first step, and the same idea rings true at Girl Scout camp. We believe in helping girls progress in their adventures and skills by acknowledging when she masters a skill and always inviting her to challenge herself further.

So, what is the first step for a Girl Scout who is a first-time camper? From first grade to tenth, our 2018 camp lineup offers over a dozen sessions that make the perfect introduction to camp. These sessions are two or three nights long and are filled with the traditional activities like hiking,  swimming, campfires, and crafts. Each session includes additional unique activities to tie into the theme of the session.

We’re shining our Flashlight Feature on the sessions below.

Mini Explorers - Conshatawba
On this full exploration of camp, girls will hike, visit the creek, chase fireflies, and learn how to set up a pop up tent and build a campfire.
Girls Grades: 1- 3
Dates: August 8-10 Wed.-Fri. (2 nights)
Cost: $175 per person

Midnight Madness - Hawthorne Ridge
Soak up the stars through a telescope, peer into the weird quirks of nocturnal nature, and plan an after-dark glow party.
Girls Grades: 6-10
Dates: July 22-25 Sun.-Wed. (3 nights)
Cost: $225 per person

Splish Splash - Skymeadow
From playing in the creek to swimming in the pool, this one is about all things water like super soakers, water balloons, and slip 'n slide.
Girls Grades: 2-5
Dates: August 1-3 Wed.-Fri. (2 nights)
Cost: $175 per person

More sessions for first-time campers can be found in 2018 Camp S’more magazine. Check it out!