Friday, March 17, 2017

Girl Scout Cookie Program extended until March 26!

Good news, Girl Scouts!

Is your troop still working toward that big trip or service project?  We’ve got some great news for you! AND we’re giving your troop an incentive to get more cookies from a cookie cupboard. Sweet!

We're extending the time you can sell cookies door-to-door, online through Digital Cookie, and have booth sales until March 26! So, think outside the cookie box! Cookie booths are great at fish fries during Lent, at senior housing communities, sporting events and more. Cookies are also great for Easter baskets!

Here's everything you need to know:

How long do we have to keep selling cookies?
Encourage your girls to continue taking last-minute orders from customers in person and online, and having additional booth sales through March 26.  For booth sales, you don’t need to ask the council for permission, but you still need to run it by your service unit cookie manager.

What is the incentive and how does our troop get it?
Order and pick up cookies from a cookie cupboard beginning Monday, March 20 through Sunday, March 26.  For every 12 packages ordered, we’ll give your troop a $3 Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks. (No partial credit for less than 12 packages. Yes, it can be a mix of varieties. You must complete this quick form to let us know you picked up additional cookies to earn the incentive.)

What are Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks?  
Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks are similar to Girl Scout Bucks for girls.  Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks can be used as payment for council-sponsored programs and camps, service unit day camps, purchases at GSWPA shops and camp trading posts, and for annual Girl Scout memberships.  Unlike Girl Scout Bucks, Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks do NOT double for camp. But, they are great for helping your troop renew their memberships through Early Bird/Renewal.

Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks will expire September 30, 2017.  If the full face value of the Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks is not used at the time of redemption, no change will be given. GSWPA is not responsible for lost or stolen Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks.

What about recognitions for girls?
If your troop placed the order before the troop lockout on March 25 at 11:59 p.m., these cookies can count toward final recognitions, provided you distribute the cookies to the girls on the Girl Orders tab and select their recognitions on the Rewards tab. Additional cookie orders placed after the troop lockout will not count toward girl rewards; however, the troop will receive proceeds from these sales.

How does our troop pay for cookies ordered after the final ACH sweep?
Please note, we are not extending any financial or paperwork deadlines.  Pending orders placed before the report is generated for the final ACH sweep will be included in the final ACH sweep.  For orders placed after the report is generated for the ACH sweep, the troop will need to send in a check for the remaining balance due.  Troops should send a check or money order made payable to GSWPA and mail it to:

Cookie Sales Coordinator
Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania
5681 Route 6N
Edinboro, PA 16412

How soon will my troop receive the Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks?
Troops will receive their Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks in the mail in the beginning of May.

Can we sell cookies for a special event after March 26?
Yes! If there is a special event in your area after March 26 and you'd like to set up a booth sale, the troop must have permission from GSWPA. Cookies can be picked up at one of the GSWPA offices. (Cookie varieties may be limited.)