Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Volunteer spotlight: Dad leads Daisies, daughters

Greg Hill meets with the Daisy troop he leads.
Greg Hill and his wife Annah Hill joined forces to lead their daughters’ Daisy troop, and found that as a dynamic duo, they provided a valuable and unique experience that their daughters will never forget.

Greg was excited to take on this joint endeavor with Annah, hoping that their daughters will be rewarded with the same sense of accomplishment that he felt as a Boy Scout.

“I got involved because I was in Boy Scouts until I graduated high school,” Greg said.

“It was a great experience, and I want the same kind of experience for my kids. There’s a lot to be learned in Girl Scouts, and much of the same core lessons are similar. Both pledge to serve God, country, and others. I’d like to help these children along that path of service.”

Our volunteers ROCK!
Without volunteers like Greg and Annah, girls wouldn’t have the confidence-building, life-changing experiences that Girl Scouts offers. Thank you to all our volunteers for all you do to ensure girls’ futures are bright!