Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Camp Corner: The sky's the limit at Camp Skymeadow!

Looking for exciting new adventures in the great outdoors? The sky’s the limit at Camp Skymeadow!  
Situated on 371 acres of grassy meadows along with a stand of evergreens, Camp Skymeadow offers the perfect location for its two most popular activities: horseback riding and tree climbing. But the options don’t stop there! Skymeadow also offers archery, canoeing, fishing, swimming, hayrides, backpacking, creek hikes and more. 
This is the camp for girls entering grades K-6 to experience CORE Camp and Family Camps, and campers can stay in one of the camps lodges, platform tents or pop-up tents. 

Camp Skymeadow at a Glance

Location: Avonmore, Pa., Armstrong County. 35 miles east of Pittsburgh. (See map.)
Types of Camping: Girls can camp with their troop (CORE Camping) or with their family. Girl Scout members and non-members can also reserve Camp Skymeadow 
Amenities/activities: Canoeing, archery range, horseback riding (summer camp only), tree climbing, hayrides, fishing area, swimming pool with water slide, hiking and nature trails and a playing field.

Meet the Camp Staff

Tim Shank, Sr.
Camp Ranger

Tell us about yourself
I’ve been Camp Ranger at Camp Skymeadow for 7 years. My wife, Sheri, is what I call a "camp girl.” She loves living at camp! I have two sons and three grandchildren. Tom is a baker at Oakmont Bakery and has two sons, Will and Gabe. My other son, TJ, is the Ranger at Camp Conshatawba and has one daughter, Zoe. Fast cars used to be my hobby but now it is my grandchildren. I truly enjoy spending time with my family!

What's your favorite camp activity?
Hay rides

What do you like best about camp? Being outside most of the time and being able to see the campers having fun. In particular, seeing the smiles on the girls' faces when they get to ride a horse for the first time.

Do you have a favorite GSWPA camp memory? In 2010, we had 28" of snow in one day. It took me 6 hours to dig my way to Alpine Lodge with the tractor. When I finally got to the lodge, the campers had the porches and steps shoveled and were having a blast sled ridding. The parents could hear the tractor making its way toward them and were completely confident that I would get the road cleared so they could get home. Some were even joking that they hoped they were snowed in so they could stay at camp another day.