Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Girl Scout Camp fun for moms, too!

by Lisa Shade

Troop 30188
After camping with troop 30188 and their super-cool moms recently at Singing Hills, I’ve created the Top 10 reasons why every mom should attend camp with Girl Scouts.

10. It’s a girls-only weekend. ‘Nuff said.

9. Make new friends. This is something that girls do in Girl Scouting, but it goes for the moms, too!

8. Get out(side). GSWPA camps are located in spectacularly scenic spots throughout western Pennsylvania. Kick back and enjoy the fresh air.

7. S'mores. Go ahead, have two!

6. Comfort. We stayed in a modern lodge complete with a full kitchen and attached bathrooms and showers. Of course, platform tents and yurts are available, too.

Preparing for dinner.
5. The girls do most of the cooking and cleaning. Girl Scouts is all about building skills and trying new things, which for our troop included making a killer lasagna for dinner and a breakfast that rivaled Eat ‘n’ Park.

4. You get to carry on like a kid. Our group of moms did the low ropes course together and we laughed like hyenas. We played cards and games with the girls, stayed up late, and giggled after lights-out.

3. Feel like a super hero. Completing the challenges on the low ropes course left us all feeling like we can do anything!

Fun and teamwork on the low ropes course.
2. You’re the cool mom. So, you got hoisted by your mom friends through a giant tire at Girl Scout camp? You rock!

1. Make fun memories with your daughter. Going to Girl Scout camp brings us closer together every time. The shared fun gives us tons of stories to laugh about for years to come!

Moms balancing the "ship" on the low ropes course.

Girls work as a team on the "ship."