Monday, April 8, 2019

Winners from Goodwill's Give a Little Love

Brownie Troop 28843 dropping off 38 bags of
donations at the Butler Goodwill. (File photo)
Girl Scouts across western Pennsylvania showed that giving some love in February isn't just for Valentine's Day.  Girls teamed up with Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania and Goodwill Southern Alleghenies for the annual "Give a Little Love" clothing drive.

And give they did! Over 2,260 bags of donations were collected by over 140 GSWPA Girl Scouts during the month of February!

While all girls who participated should be proud of their hard work, these girls went above and beyond. These four girls are the winners of a paid trip to camp, courtesy of Goodwill!

Riley Lewis, Troop 52419– collected 238 bags of donations
Rory Thomas, Troop 26100 - collected 129 bags of donations
Heidi Brower, Troop 39829 – collected 114 bags of donations
Chloe Rogers, Troop 39829 – collected 72 bags of donations

Well done, girls!