Thursday, September 6, 2018

GSWPA announces first-ever Spirit Week

The new Girl Scout year is here, so let’s celebrate! Join in the fun for our first-ever GSWPA Spirit Week.
Sunday, Sept. 23-Saturday, Sept. 29
 We’re asking you to show your Girl Scout spirit by participating in the activities listed below. And, make sure to share it with the world! Every time you share your Spirit Week experiences on social media using #GSWPAspiritweek, you'll be entered to win daily prizes! (Tip: To maximize your entries and your chance to win, make multiple posts of the daily activities using #GSWPAspiritweek in each one!)

Visit for more tools to help you spread the word about Girl Scouts. Once there, you can also join our Girl Scout Champion Rallyhood where you can connect with our recruitment team and other Girl Scout members and find resources, such as flyers and posters to hand out in your community.

Here's our list of daily activities that will help all of us come together as one very proud Girl Scout community.

Sunday, Sept. 23
Share why you love Girl Scouts.
Whether you're a girl member, leader, alum, volunteer, or staff member, share on social media why you're proud to be a Girl Scout. Use #GSWPAspiritweek to be entered to win daily prizes. Talk to your friends and family about your love for Girl Scouts, too!

Monday, Sept. 24
Flaunt your favorite.
Share a photo on social media of your favorite or most meaningful badge or patch that you have and tell us why it's important to you. Was it a new experience? An awesome memory? Did it teach you something new or peak your interest in a new hobby? Use #GSWPAspiritweek on social media to be entered to win daily prizes. Write about it for a school project or share your memories with friends and family.

Tuesday, Sept. 25
Show how you're making the world a better place.
Share a photo on social media of something you've done to make your community a better place. Whether it was a community service project, a Take Action project, a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, or volunteering with a local organization, we can’t wait to see what you’ve done to benefit your community! Use #GSWPAspiritweek to be entered to win daily prizes. Consider sharing a photo from a recent community service event or project with the community editor at your local newspaper—you’re contributing to your hometown in a special way, and that’s an awesome story!

Wednesday, Sept. 26
Share what you've done #becauseofGirlScouts.
Tell the world something you've experience or accomplished because of Girl Scouts. It could have been a STEM activity, an outdoor experience, an entrepreneurial opportunity, and/or a civic engagement project that you were a part of because you’re a member of Girl Scouts. Share a photo of this memory or take and share a photo holding our #becauseofGirlScouts printable. Use #GSWPAspiritweek to be entered to win daily prizes and #becauseofGirlScouts to share your story with GSUSA.

Thursday, Sept. 27
Help us promote Girl Scouts.
Take some time to promote Girl Scouts by hanging Girl Scout posters and flyers on billboards at local establishments like libraries, churches, restaurants, and more. Take a photo while you’re spreading the word about Girl Scouts and post it to social media using #GSWPAspiritweek to be entered to win daily prizes.

Friday, Sept. 28
Wear your Girl Scout spirit.
Wear your Girl Scout uniform or your favorite Girl Scout shirt to school, work, and around your community. Take a photo and use #GSWPAspiritweek when you share it on social media to be entered to win daily prizes.

Saturday, Sept. 29
Place Girl Scout rocks.
Find the perfect location in your community for your Girl Scout-themed rock that you've decorated. You’ll spread your love for Girl Scouting and make someone’s day when they find your work of art! Show us your rock on social media by using #GSWPAspiritweek to be entered to win daily prizes.