Friday, November 3, 2017

Important MagNut News for Troops

Thank you for your patience during this pilot program in UNIFY!

Online ordering continues through Nov. 17

New and late starting troops can still participate by having girls set up their online registration sites at and clicking on the Cat button if they have not received a registration email.

These troops can also participate by completing Reach Out Booklets. The troop earns $2 per completed booklet (limit of one booklet per girl).

  • Troops can continue to enter paper magazine and Reach Out Booklet orders in UNIFY
  • Do NOT press submit 
  • DO NOT adjust girl’s in-person nut or candy orders that have already been submitted
  • If a girl needs any additional nut or candy product, please contact Customer Care at 800-248-3355. Certain offices will have additional product. Council will add those orders to the girl.

Important Dates

By Nov. 3 - Deliver paper magazine subscription forms and Reach Out Booklets to service unit MagNut managers with completed Troop Magazine Summary Form.
Week of Nov. 13 - Delivery of nuts and candy for in-person orders (includes Nut Promises).
Tues. Nov. 21- Deadline to enter late magazine orders and recognitions. Lock-out occurs at 11:59 p.m.
Wed. Nov. 22 - Deadline to submit new or updated ACH forms
Tues. Dec. 5, by noon - Deadline to for ACH Adjustment Form
Tues Dec. 12 - ACH sweep

Paper magazine orders

Troop MagNut Managers should have delivered their troop’s paper magazine subscriptions (white and yellow copies) with the Troop Magazine Summary Form and Reach Out Booklets to your Service Unit MagNut Manager by Nov. 3. If you haven't yet submitted these, please do so now!

Please note:  

  • Be sure to verify that all information on the order forms is complete and legible using blue or black ink. Make sure your troop number, girl's name and GSWPA is written on each paper magazine form. 
  • Customers keep the pink copy of the paper magazine order forms. Do not send these to council.
  • All payments for magazines should be collected with the magazine orders. Do not accept any orders without payment. Deposit magazine payments into your troop bank account promptly.
  • Tip: Take a digital photo or copy of all the paper magazine orders before submitting them. Save these copies for any further information that your customers may ask. 
  • Paper subscriptions will begin 12-14 weeks from the time they are received by the publishers.
  • Troops can enter late magazine subscriptions and Reach Out Booklets in UNIFY until lock-out on Nov. 21 for girl recognition and troop proceeds.
  • Any late paper magazine orders and Reach Out Booklets should be turned in without delay to Service Unit MagNut Managers. Troop lock-out for magazines and recognitions occurs at 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 21.

Nut and Candy Delivery

Nut and candy orders will be delivered Nov. 13-16. Your Service Unit MagNut Manager will contact you about your scheduled delivery date and location.

Printing receipts for girls for distribution

  • Select Delivery from the Menu
  • Select each girl from the Nut and Candy Delivery ticket dropdown. Girls name will appear on top right.
  • Print 2 copies, one for parent, one for troop records


All recognition updates and changes must be completed prior to the lockout on Nov 21. Pre-select the girls' recognitions now to avoid last minute changes!

Troop Bank Information  

  • Troop bank information has been updated on UNIFY.
  • If no bank account name appears under Troop Bank Account on your troop page, we still need an ACH form submitted. If you are a new troop or have made changes with your bank information, a new ACH form needs to be completed and submitted, as directed, by Nov. 22.

Thanks for everything you do to support Girl Scouts and the MagNut Program!

Questions? Please contact your Service Unit MagNut Manager.