Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brownie acts fast to help mom

Annabella and her mom, Emily
Through Girl Scouts, girls of all ages are taught to help others in many different ways. Not only do they focus on being considerate, kind and helpful, but they also learn what to do in an emergency.

One Brownie Girl Scout had think fast to put what she learned into action during an early summer afternoon. 

On an otherwise quiet day in June, Annabella Becker witnessed her mother, Emily, having a seizure. Annabella, her brother, and her mother were alone when Emily fell unconscious onto the hardwood floor, hurting her head and back. 

Annabella knew what she had to do. She moved chairs away from her mother and put their two dogs into a room while waiting for first responders to arrive. Her brother ran to the neighbors for help and to call 911, while she remained with their mother. 

Annabella remained calm and reassuring during this scary time. Once the first responders arrived, she gave them room to help her mother and calmly answered their questions. 

Annabella stated, “I knew the EMS would help my mom because I learned that in Girl Scouts.” Annabella is recognized for her heroic action by her neighbors and Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania.

Well done, Annabella! We're so proud of you!