Friday, January 13, 2017

Help Older Girl Scouts Have a Successful Cookie Season!

Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts already know what a cookie can do – and have the experience to take them places through the Cookie Program.
As a teen, Girl Scout Cookies can bring girls a world of experiences! Whether they’re earning the Silver or Gold Award, traveling to new places, making a difference through community service – or even paying for their Girl Scout membership (or lifetime membership!) next year – our older Girl Scouts build on those Five Skills they learned as a Daisy or Brownie.
Here are a few tips for older Girl Scouts to have a successful Cookie Program:

Use Digital Cookie.
Girls can superpower their cookie sales with Digital Cookie, offering fun, easy tools to reach cookie customers, both near and far, while learning 21st century business skills.
And guess what? Girls who used the Digital Cookie platform in addition to traditional sales sold 76% more cookies and reached their goals faster—so amazing.

Approach businesses.
Corporate sales can be a great way for older girl troops to expand their cookie selling methods and sell more cookies in a short amount of time. Working with the council staff and community leaders, girls can identify large companies that might buy large quantities of cookies to give out to customers or employees. Or, the employees themselves might be interested in stocking up. 

Not sure where to start? Try these businesses:
  • Car Dealers (individual or an auto center) can purchase cookies and give a case to every customer who buys a car in March. 
  • Service Companies (house cleaners, oil change outlets, dry cleaners, etc.) can stock up on cookies and give a box to every customer on Girl Scout birthday or during a special promotional day. What customer wouldn’t love to come home to a clean house AND a box of cookies on the counter? 
  • Corporations can buy cookies and distribute to employees as a thank you for a special project. 
  • Real Estate Agents may want cookies to serve at open house events during the month of March. Give a case of cookies for every house sold (or maybe make arrangements for a year’s worth of cookies). 
  • Hotels and B & B Locations can purchase cookies to serve on their concierge floor or at afternoon tea during the month of March. They could also award a box to a “guest of the day” during the month of March. 
Check out this special Cookies@Work toolkit to help girls maximize sales!

We’ll also let service unit cookie managers know when a business in their area is interested in being contacted by a Girl Scout.

Participate in Operation: Sweet Appreciation. 

Girls who participate in Operation: Sweet Appreciation (OSA) or another Gift of Caring program sell an average of 70 more boxes than girls who don't. OSA donations can be made on the Goal Getter Order Card, Digital Cookie and at booth sales and all donations count toward each girl’s and/or troop’s overall sales.

Download these fun printables to use at booth sales to encourage people to donate.

Maximize social networks. 

Older Girl Scouts use the Internet for a variety of reasons including the online marketing and sale of approved Girl Scout related products.

Check out these social media graphics that can be shared to help spread the word about Girl Scout Cookies.

Just be sure girls stay safe and take the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge before they start.

Build skills by earning badges.
Girls can take their cookie sales to new levels by earning cookie-related badges and activity pins. Cookie Business badges demonstrate that girls at every level learn specific skills related to running their own business. Cadettes can work on writing an effective business plan or marketing plan. Seniors learn how to show college admissions officers and employers the benefits of the sales experience, as well as increasing customer loyalty. And Ambassadors learn about profit and loss, and research and develop new ways to build their cookie business. Sweet!

Want more resources?
Lots of tools are at your fingertips!
Little Brownie Baker Teen Resources (Please note: Digital Cookie replaces the Cookie Club for our council.)