Thursday, October 22, 2015

Keep the MagNut momentum going

It's not too late to earn funds for Girl Scouting adventures through the MagNut Program--even if you haven't started yet!
In-person ordering is coming to a close, but there's plenty of time is left to sell nuts, candy, magazines and photo keepsakes online. Online orders will be accepted through Wednesday, November 18.

Already participating? Great! Keep reaching out to friends and family both near and far to encourage them to support a girl-led business AND stock up on yummy treats, their favorite magazines, and great holiday gifts.

New to Girl Scouting or just haven't been participating in the MagNut Program? It's not too late to get started!

Check out some tips below for how to make the most of these last few weeks of the MagNut Program.

What's so special about the MagNut Program?  

  • Troops can earn revenue to start their Girl Scout year before the Cookie Program.
  • Girls can earn Girl Scout Bucks, which double in value when used toward any GSWPA sponsored camp in 2016. That's double the fun! 
  • MagNut proceeds subsidize programs and services for our members and maintain our nine beautiful camps. 
  • Girls gain first-hand business experience and learn important skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.
  • All of the items available through the MagNut Program make perfect gifts for teachers, family, friends and neighbors! Customers can choose from:
    • 25 different nut & candy items ranging in price from $6 to $8;
    • Five nut & candy corporate gifts (online only);
    • Hundreds of popular magazine titles;
    • and one-of-a-kind photo keepsake creations.

My Girl Scout hasn't yet participated. How do we get started? 

1. Check with your troop leader to make sure your troop is participating in the MagNut program.
2. If your troop is participating, register your Girl Scout for online sales. Just click on the button below to get started. 
3. Once your Girl Scout's personalized site is set up, share the link with friends and family and continue taking online orders through Nov. 18. Send 12 emails and your Girl Scout will receive a special online sales patch!

How do we promote the MagNut Program to friends and family?

The great thing about online sales is that friends and family can support your Girl Scout, no matter where they live! Here are some ways to spread the word: 

1. Send emails to friends and family right from your Girl Scout's personalized sales site. As we mentioned above, if you send 12 emails through the site, your Girl Scout will receive a special online sales patch!

2. Share the link on social media. We've even created this great video that you can include that explains the MagNut Program.   

3. Have customers that would like to support your Girl Scout but don't want to purchase items for themselves? Encourage them to donate to Operation: Sweet Appreciation to send cans of honey roasted peanuts to our military men and women. They can donate online at Just be sure to tell them to include your Girl Scout's name on the "Review Your Donation" screen when donating so she and her troop gets credit.  

Questions? Contact your Troop Leader or Troop MagNut Manager for help.