Thursday, August 14, 2014

Girl Scouting is an adventure for grown ups, too!

Dessa Summy, an amazing volunteer from Connellsville, sees almost as many opportunities for adults in Girl Scouting as there are for girls.

Not only has she been a troop leader for nearly 20 years, she's used her time in Girl Scouts to explore her own interests. Through the years, that's taken her places, including SeaWorld, Gettysburg, Williamsburg, and, last year, a road trip to Alabama with a group of Ambassador Girl Scouts.

"I try everything that's offered," she shares.

Dessa's commitment to Girl Scouts is not only in her heart, it's also in her home. She opened her farm and her home to a troop working on the Sow What? Journey. The girls got an inside tour of her family's dairy farm which is home to 100 head of cattle. They toured her garden too, picking a few key ingredients they needed for a stir fry dinner.

The girls even got a lesson in automotive care when one of the leaders got a flat tire.

"I told her to cancel AAA because we multitask around here," she laughs. 

Dessa is a multitasking pro, balancing troop leadership with her role as director of the ranger program at Camp Roy Weller since 2008.

It makes sense that Dessa's Girl Scout dossier includes camp, because to her, camping is the best part of Girl Scouting.

"All girls should experience camp," she says. "They gain leadership skills and confidence. Camp gives you a chance to be you." 

Dessa adds, "You can't get a camping badge on the computer."

You can go on great adventures, too, through Girl Scouts by volunteering today. Visit for more information.