Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Girls Determine Environmental Priorities at Summit

On Saturday, March 29, 49 Girl Scouts assembled at the first annual Environmental Leadership Summit at Camp Roy Weller.

Girl Scout Juniors and Cadettes had a fun-filled day learning about the importance of using resources wisely to help make the world a better place. Girls participated in sessions that focused on natural resources, energy conservation, career exploration, and citizen science. They learned about the treatment of water from long-time volunteer Josephine Posti by taking "The Great Filter Challenge," where they created water filtration systems out of commonly used household items.

Girls created their very own wind turbines, formed CSI teams and set out on missions to learn how energy was being used at camp. They also hiked to the nearby pond to gather fresh-water macro invertebrates and microorganisms to examine under the microscope to determine water quality.

Two Cadette troops presented take action projects and received final Journey awards during the event. Cadette Troop 52570 from Woodland Hills, were presented with the Alert and Affirm awards from the Breathe Journey after they presented their take action project on flu prevention.

Troop 11390 from Ellwood City, presented their take action project on "Planting Flowers to Clean the Air." Lizzie Polojac and Jade Morehouse of Troop 11390 received their Cadette Journey Summit Awards, Kimberly Roberts presented the Cadettes with their awards.

Also during the summit, girls separated into small groups to determine GSWPA's environmental priorities for the next two years. We will focus on these priorities throughout the next two years at educational events and urge you to conduct service projects relating to these priorities.

  • Conservation
  • Reducing pollution
  • Ensuring access to clean, safe water for all
  • Supporting "No Smoking" campaigns to keep second hand smoke out of their lungs.
  • Reducing air pollution from vehicles
Waste Management
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle