Tuesday, April 18, 2017

National Volunteer Month: Tonia and Lynnette

Tonia Seese from Girard is in her seventh year as a Girl Scout volunteer. She loves seeing the girls be brave when trying new things in Girl Scouts. Her favorite thing about her role is seeing the girls have fun together during activities and trips.

A moment in Girl Scouts Tonia will never forget is when her troop attended Camp Hawthorne Ridge to help during work weekend. They had been attending this camp for a few years and she loved to watch the girls give back.

"They were excited to wash dishes and clean the bathrooms! Any other time, they would rather not do these jobs, but at camp, they love helping to make it better," she said.

Tonia hopes that her girls will remember to "not take life so seriously and have fun no matter what they are doing." She wants them to know that they have the power to make a difference in their own lives, others lives, and the community around them. Thanks for being an inspirational volunteer Tonia!

Lynnette Pistner of Clearfield has been a Girl Scout nearly all her life, and a volunteer for more than 13 years, carrying on a tradition in her family as fourth-generation leader.

When asked what she likes best about her role, Lynnette said, "Knowing that I am able to make an impact, even in a small way, in the lives of all the girls I lead."

A very special moment that Lynnette will never forget was her own wedding day, when all of the girls in her troop were her junior bridesmaids.

"During the planning and prepping for my big day, the girls showed a level of maturity that you usually do not see for girls between the ages of 12 and 15," Lynnette said.

"They helped with everything from dress shopping to clean up. We are a very close troop and experiences like this and the numerous road trips we have had together make it feel more like a family then just a Girl Scout Troop."

Lynette hopes her girls learn a lot from their time in Girl Scouts, but most of all, she hopes they learn leadership skills.

"I have a mixture of girls and all with different characteristics and I strive to make them all leaders in their own way," she said. "Some are born with leadership potential and others have it hidden in them and just need that extra push to find it."  She hopes they all remember that herself and other volunteers helped them to hone their leadership skills and grow into amazing women.

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