Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Shop Talk in April: Bridging Kits Available!

Here are special announcements for April from the GSWPA Shops!

Pop-up Shops:

Look for the Girl Scout Pop-up Shops on April 13 at the Annual Meeting - IUP location and at the Earth Day Festival happening at Camp Redwing.

Featured Item—Bridging Kits:

Leaders, we’ve made it easy for you! Bridging Kits are now available.

Each convenient kit includes the must have items that adult facilitators present to girls bridging to the next age level.  Just add the girls’ name to the certificate provided, and you’re ready for your bridging ceremony.  Each kit also includes an exclusive bridging patch and pencil.

Available in shops and online.

Shop Hours

Monday-Thursday: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Friday: Closed
Second Saturday each month (Sept.-May only): 9 a.m.- noon

Upcoming extended hours:

  • All shop locations (Edinboro, Greensburg, and Pittsburgh): 
    • Saturday, April 13, and May 11: 9 a.m.-noon
  •  Greensburg: 
    • Monday, April 8 and May 6: Open until 7 p.m. (prior to scheduled service unit meetings)
  • Pop-Up Shop:
    • The GSWPA Pop-Up Shop will be open on Saturday, April 13 during the Annual Meeting at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania meeting site and at the Earth Day Festival at Camp Redwing.

Friday, March 15, 2019

March Mania! Clear the cupboards!

Is your troop still working on their goal? Are you a new troop and need extra time? Is your troop still working toward that big trip or service project?

We’ve got some great news for you! We're extending the time you can sell cookies door-to-door, online through Digital Cookie, and have booth sales until March 24!

AND, we’re giving your troop an incentive to get more cookies from a cookie cupboard. Sweet! Earn Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks for your troop!

What is the incentive and how does our troop get it?

Place a Pending order and pick up cookies from any cupboard beginning March 18, 2019 through March 24, 2019.  For every 12 packages ordered, we’ll give your troop a $3 Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks.  (No partial credit for less than 12 packages. Yes, it can be a mix of varieties. You must complete this quick form to let us know you picked up additional cookies to earn the incentive.)
Note: Girl Scout Office cookie cupboards will close at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2019.

What are Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks? 

Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks are similar to Girl Scout Bucks for girls.  Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks can be used as payment for council-sponsored programs and camps, service unit day camps, purchases at GSWPA shops and camp trading posts, and for annual Girl Scout memberships.  Unlike Girl Scout Bucks, Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks do NOT double for camp. But, they are great for helping your troop renew their memberships through Early Bird/Renewal.

Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks will expire September 30, 2019.  If the full-face value of the Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks is not used at the time of redemption, no change will be given. GSWPA is not responsible for lost or stolen Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks.

Does my troop still earn proceeds on those cookies?

You sure do!  The Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks are a BONUS!

What about recognitions for girls?

If your troop placed the order before the troop lockout on March 25 at 11:59 p.m., these cookies can count toward final recognitions, provided you distribute the cookies to the girls on the Girl Orders tab and select their recognitions on the Rewards tab. Additional cookie orders placed after the troop lockout will not count toward girl rewards; however, the troop will receive proceeds from these sales.

How does our troop pay for cookies ordered after the final ACH sweep?

Please note, we are not extending any financial or paperwork deadlines.  Pending orders placed before the report is generated for the final ACH sweep will be included in the final ACH sweep.  For orders placed after the report is generated for the ACH sweep, the troop will need to send in a check for the remaining balance due.  Troops should send a check or money order made payable to GSWPA and mail it to:
Cookie Sales Coordinator
Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania
5681 Route 6N
Edinboro, PA 16412

How soon will my troop receive the Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks?

Troop Cookie Bonus Bucks will be mailed directly to troop in early May.

Can we sell cookies for a special event after March 24?

Yes! If there is a special event in your area after March 24 and you'd like to set up a booth sale, the troop must have permission from GSWPA. Cookies can be picked up at one of the GSWPA offices. (Cookie varieties may be limited.)

How can I schedule a booth sale?

You will need to coordinate with your Service Unit Cookie Manager to arrange any booth sales during this time. Booths must be added to eBudde and approved by your Service Unit Cookie Manager to ensure it appears in the Booth Locator to help the cookie-hungry customers find you!

In addition to all the usual locations where booths can be held, here are a few other suggestions:

  • Stage a Walk-About. Load up that mini van and target a neighborhood or two and sell door to door.
  • Set up a pop up or drive up booth in a safe but well-traveled parking lot.
  • Community and Church fish fry’s 
  • Senior Housing

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

GSWPA Girl Scouts meet Pittsburgh's successful business women

On Monday, February 25, the Pittsburgh Business Times hosted their annual Mentoring Monday event for which Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) was a national sponsor this year. This sponsorship is a reflection of GSUSA's unwavering commitment to professional mentorship for young women throughout the nation.

During the event, nine GSWPA Girl Scouts were granted a special opportunity to connect with influential, Pittsburgh-based, female business leaders through a mentoring “speed-coaching” format. The goal was that to launch these goals into meaningful introductions and engaging conversations with women from a diverse cross-section of professions.

These local Girl Scouts who are working to become the leaders the world needs—by earning highest Girl Scout honor, the Gold Award, or by leading others in our Girl Scout camp programs—took advantage of the opportunity to reap the benefits of the positive influence of successful, local women.

Here are some photos from the event: