Tuesday, April 11, 2017

National Volunteer Month: Think BIG!

Amy Herne from Wexford has been with Girl Scouts for six years, one as a parent volunteer and five as a troop leader. She loves to see her troop experience and try new things.

"Watching their confidence grow from Brownies to Cadettes has been the most rewarding aspect of volunteering," Amy said.

When asked to describe a moment she has had in Girl Scouts that she will never forget, Amy said, "I have so many unforgettable moments, it's hard to pick just one."

Amy recalled one memorable camping trip when the girls were third-grade Brownies. "We decided that the girls were ready to start learning more about campfires and campfire safety. As we were lighting the fires with steel wool and batteries, one of my girls said, 'Mrs. Herne, are you sure that you are allowed to let us start fires?' It is a joy when girls accomplish something they don't think was possible!"

Amy wants her Girl Scouts to remember that hard work and a plan can help them achieve success, just like that day learning how to start a fire.

"Think big! Nothing is out of reach. You just need a plan to get there," Amy said.

Thanks for your dedication to Girl Scouts, Amy!

Also in her fifth year with Girl Scouts, Tiffani Cariss from Murrysville says her favorite thing about volunteering with Girl Scouts is leading a diverse group of girls.

"In my role as a troop leader, I have enjoyed getting to know the girls I have worked with over the past years," Tiffani said. "It's amazing that so many different personalities can come together and have a great time at meetings."

She also admires the other dedicated volunteers as well. "As the service unit manager, I have enjoyed seeing all the hard work that other volunteers put in to make the most of Girl Scouts for the girls in our community," she said

Tiffani has loved watching the girls grow and build their self-confidence. "When the girls first started in Daisies, they were quiet, shy, and not quite sure of themselves," Tiffani said. "It has been a privilege and an honor to see each one of them open up in their own way and in their own time. They are truly some remarkable young ladies." She hopes her troop remembers that they can do anything they wish by working hard and setting goals.

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