Friday, January 5, 2018

Join us in the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world!

If you’re a new troop leader or a longtime volunteer, you know the Girl Scout Cookie Program is an exciting time for Girl Scouts. Cookies make amazing things happen for girls, and as troop leaders, you see first-hand what Girl Scout cookies can do. 

Below are some great tips to guide you through this year’s Cookie Program:

There’s time to make this year’s sale amazing for your troop!

If your troop is registered, you're ready to start selling cookies! The Cookie Program runs until March 18, so there's plenty of time to participate and be successful. You can sell cookies after the initial order taking ends using the Goal Getter Order Form. Fill these orders by picking up additional cookies at your nearest cookie cupboard. Plus, troops can participate in booth sales starting Feb. 23. Ask your Service Unit Cookie Manager about the sign-up process for booth sales and the Goal Getter Order Form.

Have questions about your Girl Scout bank account?
Just be sure to have your bank account 
opened up and ACH form submitted by Feb. 28.

Extra help with eBuddeConnect with your Service Unit Cookie Manager to have your troop added into the eBudde system. After that, you're ready to enter in your troop's orders! 

Cookie Cupboard details
Cupboards are located throughout the council and house additional cookies for troops to fulfill orders taken on the Goal Getter Cards and for booth sales. They're open to all troops (but closed to the public) starting Feb. 23
. Find a list of cupboards and reserve cookies to be picked up at a cupboard on eBudde.

Keep in touch!
You don't want to miss out on our Cookie Bytes emails that include helpful tips and to-do reminders throughout the Cookie Program. If you haven't received any, please contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager or email

We've got tons of Cookie Program information on our website (including trainings) and you can always contact us with any additional questions. We also post a lot of great info on Facebook. Be sure to like us!