Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What's in a (camp) name?

Jazz is a Camp Redwing staffer from London, England.
Hoops. Grits. The Lone Ranger. Sparkle. Mouse.

Camp names are as much of a Girl Scout tradition as singing and s’mores. While we love these fun and memorable monikers, the process of getting a camp name is a bit of a mystery.

We turned to Karla Schell, Director of Outdoor Program for GSWPA, to shed some light on the camp-naming process. She said there is no official ceremony or consistent method for assigning camp names. Some people are named by camp staff or other volunteers, while others choose their own camp name.

For those choosing their own camp name, favorite foods and animals are top choices. Childhood nicknames, music, favorite sports, and important causes also serve as inspiration for camp names.

The stories behind camp names are varied, but some duplication does occur. In our council, there are currently several Pickles and Tadpoles. “I’ve known at least 12 Giggles in my lifetime,” added Schell, whose own camp name is Parker.

“I chose Parker because it means ‘keeper of the trees,'” Schell said.

Whether inspired by love for nature or favorite food cravings, adopting a camp name is a long-standing Girl Scout tradition. What is your camp name?

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